Understanding the Healing Process

Newly micro bladed brows are delicate and need special care.  The guidelines below may seem extreme, but remember, we are trying to get the skin to heal around the pigment.

Imagine your brows as a series of fine paper cuts with pigment inside.  Your job over the next few weeks is to make sure as much pigment as possible stays in those paper cuts so the skin can heal around them!

The skin’s first response will be to close up the area to prevent germs and viruses from entering. (crusting or scabbing).  Our bodies are extremely intelligent and work night and day to protect us!

During this time, the pigment is drawn deeper away from the surface until the skin heals.  Once the crusting falls off, the pigment may seem to have vanished in spots-

THIS IS NORMAL!!!  Between healing weeks 3 and 4, the skin will be like

“Hey!!  What is this pigment doing here- I want it out!”

and it will push it back up to the surface and you will see it again! 

For the first day, every hour after the procedure, wipe/dab very gently with a cotton pad dipped in distilled water and then apply a dab of After Inked (a very thin layer) to the brow.  
From Day 2 through Day 10 dab a very thin layer of after inked 4 to 5 times a day but do not use the distilled water anymore, that is only on Day 1.

*Do not scrub, rub, itch or pick the epithelial crust that forms.  Allow it to flake off by itself.  If it is removed before it is entirely healed, the pigment may be pulled out.

*Do not get the brows wet during the 14 day healing process with the exception of your distilled water on Day 1.  

*Do not put any lotion, makeup, foundation , concealer etc. for 14 days.

*Do not sweat for 14 days!  This is very important because sweat contains salt, and salt is what we use to remove ink.  Also, body heat expands the pores and both can cause the pigment to fade, blur or not take at all.

*Please do not garden, go to the gym or anyplace else that in not very clean- you have open skin and do not want to chance infection.  When out in public be mindful to not ever touch or scratch your healing brows with unwashed fingers.

*Stay out of the sun for two weeks!  After brows heal, use a sunblock to prevent premature fading.

*Do NOT use any active skin treatments like Retin-A, Glycolic or any “acid” or exfoliating anti aging product.


*Try nor to sleep on your face for the first 10 days.

*Slight redness or swelling is normal, angry or hot redness is not, you must call your doctor!!


Your brows will appear darker and bolder due to scabbing and healing for the first 10 days.
Once healed, brows may lighten up to 50%!  
During the healing process, it is common for some of the strokes to seem to absorb into the skin and seem to disappear.  
Don’t panic, this is part of the healing process and many times the skin pushes it back to the surface in a week or two and you will see them again.

Here is a wonderful chart I found on Pinterest which shows the healing process.

As you can see, the brows first get darker, then the crusties start to fall off.  On day 14, the brows look as if all the pigment is gone- this is before the skin pushes the pigment back toward the surface!  By 4 weeks, the pigment shows up and the follow up session perfects the brow!


Your brows are really not considered finished until your follow up appointment!

This is where we perfect the brows by assessing how the color healed and adding strokes if necessary. 

As all permanent makeup is not an exact science due to the differences in skin types and the way each one heals, a follow up appointment is included at no additional cost if you return in 6 to 12 weeks.
Additional touchups, if needed are $150.