Microblading/3d brows/HD Brows/hairstrokes is a natural way to enhance your brows through the use of semi permanent manual technique that adds dimension and life-like appearance to your eyebrows.

Microblading is the latest technique added to the existing methods of permanent makeup.  Microblading creates a completely naturally looking eyebrow, with every hair is drawn manually.  We do this with a very thin blade specifically created for this purpose. Tobi follows the growth pattern of your natural eyebrow hair and creates a shape that compliments the proportions of your face.


Here is a great close up video of the Microblading process thanks to Everlasting Brows, so you can see the microblading procedure.  The only difference is that Tobi does not thread the brows to remove hair, she gently shaves it which is less irritating to the skin.




Heidi and Gary Wedding


In all of my 35 years of doing makeup, I have never met a more laid back wonderful bride as Heidi, or have witnessed a more intimate, beautiful and amazing wedding!


Heidi called me, already convinced that she was going to use me for her special day.  There was no trial- something which I NEVER agree to, but in this case it all worked out remarkably well!

For the ceremony and reception, she rented an old Victorian mansion overlooking  the water in Jamesport.

In it’s heyday, the building was the Coast guard headquarters and had been perfectly restored yet keeping the uniqueness of the original layout.  She and her guests spent the weekend in the mansion- and had a private chef prepare all the meals for the weekend.HeidiandGary224  Even the pooches had a grand time!

HeidiandGary166 HeidiandGary169

The wedding was supposed to be on a Saturday, but i got a call the Thursday right before from Heidi “Hi Tobi” she said  “Would you mind if we did the ceremony on Friday instead of Saturday?  The weather is supposed to be better on Friday”.

I had no problem with that since i had already been booked for the two days anyway, I had  just figured that since we didn’t have a trial, then Friday would sort of stand in for an actual trial…. LOL well it turned out just fine- She and her bridesmaids were thrilled and that wedding will go down in my book of beautiful and amazing favorites!!








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