Permanent Eyeliner can be the best thing in the world if you struggle with liner every day!  This is a great service for pretty much anyone, as it gives your eyes the beautiful definition- without the smudging and smearing that makeup can do!  Imagine going to the beach, swimming, working out, and never worrying that you look like a raccoon 🙂 Having your permanent eyeliner done by a Master Makeup Artist is pretty amazing!  Tobi does several types of liner, depending on your personal preferences and level of comfort. 




Tobi’s Lash Enhancement-  Pigment is deposited in between your lashes and slightly above to give you a “non-linery” more natural look.  The healed effect will be more like when a bit of mascara is left in your lash line after washing your face, similar to the photo which is traditional makeup, not permanent.  Coloring in between the lashes makes them look fuller and gives your eyes a brighter appearance. 




shutterstock_154418015Tobi’s Classic Liner-  Just like the name, Tobi will apply a lash enhancement AND a naturally classic liner that would be  equivalent  to a daytime/office type of liner- classically refined.  The photo on the left is an example of this look, done with traditional makeup not permanent used to illustrate. 



shutterstock_159268334 Tobi’s Fashion Liner-  For a permanent glam without the fuss!  Let Tobi work her magic and give you precisely applied winged liner- never too extreme, just the “bones” so you can “extend with ease” whenever you want a more cat eye look.  The photo on the left is an example using traditional makeup.