3D Brows or Micro-blading is the most popular technique for brows right now in the world of permanent makeup.  This technique creates a completely naturally looking eyebrow, with every hair is drawn manually.  We do this with a very thin blade specifically created for this purpose. The strokes are as fine as a paper cut!  Tobi follows the growth pattern of your natural eyebrow hair and creates a shape that compliments the proportions of your face.



The most important thing to know when considering Micro blading is that it is considered PERMANENT, even though many technicians claim it to be Semi Permanent!  It is also the law in New York State that anyone doing Microblading needs to have a tattoo licence in each county that she works in!   She must also  perform this service in a facility specifically licensed to do tattoo!!  Many people think that it is ok to get it done at a beauty salon or nail salon or spa because the technicians there have Cosmetology licenses.  This is not true- make sure you see a valid TATTOO license for both the technician AND the facility!!  You need to be sure that anyone cutting into your skin (and other people’s  skin) is properly trained to not spread bloodbourne  disease and pathogens from client to client.  You need to make sure that the technician didn’t just take a one or two day quicky class and is now cutting your skin!!  Tobi is a licensed tattoo artist in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, OSHA Certified, Licensed Cosmetologist and an Emmy Nominated Union Makeup Artist for the past 35 years, so you can feel safe that she knows what she is doing!!

Here is a great close up video of the Micro-blading process thanks to Everlasting Brows, so you can see the micro-blading procedure.  The only difference is that Tobi does not thread the brows to remove hair, she gently shaves it which is less irritating to the skin.

Images courtesy of shutterstock, video courtesy of Everlasting Brows